Espresso Machines Revisited for 2012

Espresso Machines Revisited for 2012

I’m going to start this posting off by wishing everyone a Happy New year and a happy and prosperous 2012! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I’ve had a lot on my plate, literally and figuratively! Speaking of the holidays, one of my favorite gifts I got this Christmas was one of those single serve coffee makers. I’ve heard a lot about them and apparently my wife must have overheard me talking about them and surprised me with a Tassimo T65 (which amazon also calls the TAS6515UC).  Let me tell you, I’ve had it for just over a week, and I’ve been using it every day and have yet to be disappointed!!  I don’t want to over hype this thing, because I know some people are more of a connoisseur then others so please take don’t make the over reactive comments if you don’t agree! :)

The T65 sits nicely on my counter top and is always ready at the touch of a button.  If you don’t know about the Tassimo (made by Bosch) single serve coffee makers, they’re actually really easy to use and are really ingenious in how they work!  They use these little pods called T-Discs.  They’re little pre-filled  cups that have barcodes on them to tell the machine how much and what temperature the water has to be to brew that cup of coffee.  I love my espresso’s but enjoy the occasional cup of good ‘ol Black coffee, which this beauty does with ease!  Along with espresso, black coffee and tea it also makes lattes and cappuccinos, so  you can save the money and trip to ‘Starbuck’s’ and make a latte at home!

All in all a great little machine and comes highly recommended by me! =D  If you have one of these or similar, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

If you want to buy one from amazon (which i find to usually be the least expensive) just click HERE

tassimo tas6515uc t65

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