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Garlic Bread that’s delicious, and easy

Try this quick and easy garlic bread recipe

When people think of  garlic bread, the first thing that comes to mind is a long baguette with a neon yellow, buttery top with garlic powder and sprinkles of dried parsley flakes, which doesn’t look (or taste)very appealing.  Well, here’s a recipe that will hopefully give you a different view of garlic bread that’s made with……now brace yourself….REAL GARLIC!

Apart from being eaten on its own, this would be a great base for BRUSCHETTA, a PANINI or with some good quality PARMIGIANO REGGIANO.

Try this method of making garlic bread next time, and I’m convinced you wont go back to the buttered up baguettes made with garlic powder and dried parsley flakes.  Leave a comment letting us know what you think!


1 Loaf of crusty italian bread
3 cloves garlic
olive oil
sea salt
finely chopped fresh parsley  *optional


  • cut the bread into 1″ slices.  Arrange slices on a baking sheet and toast for 5 min in a pre heated oven of 350 degrees.  Turn and allow to toast for another 3 minutes
  • allow to cool slightly (2-3 min)
  • drizzle (or brush) the slices of bread with extra virgin oil.
  • cut the tip of the garlic on a 45 degree angle, and use the same motion as an eraser, and rub the garlic on the bread.  Rub as much or as little according to taste.  Usually a few passes is sufficient
  • finish off with a sprinkle of good quality sea salt and parsley

Buon Appetito!